Do you want to be frighten?

Guess what everyone its that time of year again when everyone gets candies or in this case scared. Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night is being held from October to November with different types of spooky houses. Just in case you do not know Halloween Horror Night is an event that is fun and is suppose to scare you. The event provides houses that makes you scream or flinch along with zombies walking around. Do not worry this chance for you to experience it is not over cause Universal held it every year when the holiday Halloween is near. 


One of the Haunted House was Micheal Myers. During this house there are multiples actors being dressed as the main character and scaring people with fake knives. The worst part is when one of the actor is tall and chasing you. So beware Michael Meyers is coming back and will not stop!




Alien Vs. Predator is one of the main haunted houses here. This house is different from the others because there were hardly any actors scaring you. The house was filled with aliens popping out of no where and steam being blown in your face, so this was mainly being controlled by technology. The result of that is not being able to know what is going to hit you by surprise. Unfortunately not all is being controlled by technology the predator are real people dressed in the costume. Be careful and be caution to who is watching you!


The Purge and Walking dead are all over the streets. In other words there are actors being dressed as zombies and people with chainsaws.  While walking to your destination the pathway will be covered with them and you will not even know of it. So be caution of your surrounding and be prepare to run for your life!

Photos credited to Tiana Valentin


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