Stop the Abuse

Who am I you ask?

Who the fu** am I is the word that come out of your mouth how dare you even speak those word. After all you have done to me!

The rude and abusive word that you scream and yell at me, words that leave scars 36 in. deep and you have the nerves to ask me who I am.

The words of abuse:

” Sorry B**ch!”…. “Slut” …”Whore”… “Worthless”

You leave me with scars that bleed every minute I so much as think of you! You…YOU  you sorry excuse for a man… how dare you cut me with your words then blame me.

” You made me do…are you happy…See what you mad me do…”

Words that will never leave me , words that are branded in my soul along with the imprint of your fist hitting  my face.

The bruises so hard to cover, I can still feel the blows of you smashing my head into UUGHHHH… I hate you…I LOATH YOU!!!

An you dare to utter those word ” Who the fu** do you think you are?”

What a great question a question I have no answer to. A question I was so scared to even think of  since I have been with you.

But, even though I don’t know who I am fully I do know who I am not:

I am not your toy, I am not your punching bag, I AM NOT YOUR PROBLEM, and I am not your pain, your fear. I am not an animal nor your slave.

I am a human being and I deserve more, I deserve better so fu** you and the hell you came from I’m going  to find who I am and you will no long be apart of me.

End the Violence. More information on reporting abuse.


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