By: Colby Birkett

What is communication really? Is it a skill? Is it something we are just naturally good at? Why is it treated like its so important? I can tell you it is a skill, it is important, and weather you are born with it or not you can still improve your communication skills daily. Having good communication skills can take you to the next level, it can get you important contacts and pull people on to your side. I can personally tell you that having good communication skills can change your life it can make a small start-up into a powerhouse. One word to a stranger can make a contact that will benefit you for years to come. I know because the business my brothers and I are starting centers around getting out and talking to people. We are doing car photography so going to shows and talking to the owners of nice cars, is just the easiest marketing strategy for us. At a recent show we brought examples of our images and walked around talking to people, we ended up building a connection with the vice president of a mustang club that has thousands of members. He liked us so much he wanted us to come to one of his meeting with an entertaining presentation and offered us up to 30 minutes of the meetings time to pitch and sell our products and services.


All it took to get that connection was the confidence to say hello and the transparency to show our excitement and dedication to our project. Using non-verbal and verbal communication skills really helped us start to get our business off the ground. Another example is asking friends and family if they were interested in buying the T-Shirts we’ve produced, in a few weeks over half of the T-shirts have been sold and many have committed to buy a T-shirt when they can. When working on your communication skills understand that body language and non-verbal communication can give a first impression before you even get a chance to talk. Being confident, smiling, and approaching directly are good ways of having strong non-verbal communication. Verbal communication is most easily dictated by tone of voice, word choice, and relate-ability. When others see you speaking with confidence they are more likely to buy into what you are saying. When people feel they can relate to you they feel a stronger bond to you and what you are saying as they are more likely to feel like they would say or do the same thing. Communication is HUGE but don’t treat it like it’s a big deal just say what you think and feel and speak with confidence and professionalism.


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