Her Story Inspires


My name is Anonymous, and I am 21 years of age  and a strong black female.

My life if filled with events that would make the weak fall apart and give up on life but not me. I am strong, beautiful, I walk my own path and stand by the words that I speak.  From the outside it may appear that I have it together but my story is unknown to many.

In the 7th grade I was sexually assaulted by another class mate. It was my the first encounter with truly bad people.

In the 8th grade I lost my grandmother to cervical cancer which resulted in the negative demon of depression.  I was locked in an asylum and Baker Acted until they knew I would not harm myself.

My whole high school life I felt like the outcast- an alien on earth. I never fit in and felt the lashes of modern day racism hearing such lines as,  ” who would want to be with a black girl?”

My father never talked to me and when he did it was only to tell me “You’re not worth two piles of dog shit”.

I have loved and I have lost and my story is not even half way done. However my point is despite the obstacles in my life I have fought and over come the struggle and continue to do so. I want my story to inspire you to be the best you and tell society “to take several seats” because you make your destiny and only you know who you are.

Despite the bad in my story I turned things around. I am not only a 21 year old fabulous black women. I am a strong women that graduated high school, received 5 scholarships for college, and have full-time job making above minimum wage. I also have my own car, about to graduate college with my A.S. degree with hopes of living on my own.

You are NOT your PAST, your are NOT your Struggle. You are who ever you choose to be and can achieve all thing  you put your mind too.





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