By: Colby Birkett

My brothers and I are creating our own start-up called HoleShotHeroes, we are a car photography company focusing on professional grade photography shot by car guys for car guys. We have loved cars since before we could walk, i remember being a young boy taking all the VHS tapes and lining them up around the house creating a road for our toy cars to drive on. We got tired of just rolling them in circles so we created an airport, burger joint, car wash, and a junkyard to give our cars destinations. We wanted to create a world just as realistic as the real one, but one in which we could control the cars, it was a lot of fun. We weren’t the only ones who loved cars however, our father and grandfather both collected classic cars, so you could say we basically grew up at car shows. We noticed the pictures we used to buy from these shows were often taken by amateur photographers or good photographers who simply didn’t know anything about cars. A car like anything else you want to photograph, takes time to learn, knowing your subject is the most important part of photography if you don’t know what makes your subject interesting or special then your photo is one anybody could take with a nice camera. If you truly know your subject then you can see what makes it interesting and different and get a picture that shows that. Being a good photographer also centers on knowing your camera, anybody can get a good camera put it fully automatic, point and shoot, but that is not the way of a professional a professional can take the same picture and control it in any way they want. So many photographers don’t know enough about their subject or camera and just get sub-par shots, but when you really work at it you can get some amazing shots. Since we have the advantage of most definitely knowing our subjects we are allowed to focus on being creative with our angles, settings, and editing to get premium pictures for a not so premium price.

Here are some examples of my recent pictures taken at a local car show last weekend called mystery meat(many of them were only minor edits):



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