Our Society

We protect ourselves from the new found epidemic buying sanitizer, masks, gloves, and clorex wipes. Yet a condom is to expensive to buy?

In the land where freedom of speech is a natural born right, yet we are silenced and judged constantly as we long to express our true self.

The harsh reality of society is we vote for CHANGE and the that is easily swayed in order to secure vote in the next election.

Our society is a HARSH TRUTH

A eye opener to people’s natural narcissistic characteristics.

A society we the people need justice, we cry and search for it even hope and wish for it DEMANDING it!

But our justice ain’t SH**!

They protect and serve the people, catching the bad guys…  the wrong doers. The truth however, their catching anybody who so much as look at them the wrong way.

Our society is a HARSH TRUTH!

The more we seemingly progress in growth and develop in technology we digress as people. Forget that it was people who made this country no money nor technology. If we were to go back in time what would Martin Luther King say “this is y’all dream not mine “… what would Albert Einstein say ” this technology is to vast and will be our destruction one day”.

What will our past say? The people before our time did not fight, struggle, risk their lives for us to lose the foundation of this nation.


We need to wake up and do better.


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