Knights Connect: Express Path to UCF Workshop

DirectConnect Path to UCF
On October 23, 2014, Valencia College’s East Campus hosted the Knights Connect: Express Path to UCF at 2 PM in Building 3-113. Most of the workshops I have attended happened to be in Building 5-112 so finding this particular location was a bit of a mission for me. The presenter of this workshop happened to be Priscilla Alejandro, who will become an advisor for the DirectConnect process at Valencia College. She was assisted by Christopher Quintero, who is the current DirectConnect Advisor at Valencia College’s East Campus.

There was a small group of people that attended this workshop and when walking in, there was a bunch of papers about the whole process of DirectConnect as well as UCF stress ball stars, Skittles, drink holders, and ‘I love UCF’ wristbands. I would suggest going to this workshop if you do not know what DirectConnect is, if you want to plan ahead for your college life, or if you are near the end of your time at Valencia College. This workshop was the first time Ms. Alejandro presented for this particular topic and overall, I believe it was a job well done. She started off the workshop talking about what DirectConnect is and the process of applying for this opportunity.

First off, you would have to sign up for DirectConnect to have guaranteed admission at UCF. You would have to complete your Associates in Art(A.A.) degree program or your Associates in Science(A.S.) degree program and apply for graduation at Valencia. The cumulative GPA required for an early decision into the DirectConnect program is 2.75 or higher. When signing up for DirectConnect, you have to make sure you complete the following: two English composition courses(ENC 1101 and ENC 1102), two math courses(MAC 1105 and higher), foreign language courses(two years in high school or one year in college), and the prerequisite courses for your decided major. Next, you would have to submit a UCF Admission Application and pay the $30 application fee. When submitting the application, you have to submit your immunization records(Two MMR and if living on campus, three Hepatitis B and Meningitis shots), your official transcripts(Valencia transcript, high school transcript and if you have these, College Board official scores and official international evaluation for international transcripts, and a PRA card copy if you are a resident alien.

She continued the workshop by talking about all the scholarships available to students as listed on one of the papers available to us as we walked in. Scholarships can be found through the UCF website, the College Answer website, the College Board website, the College Scholarships website, the Fastweb Website, the Florida Student Scholarship and Grant Programs, the Nerd Scholar website, the Next Student Scholarship website, the No Essay Scholarships website, the Scholarships website, and the main Orange County Library that has a scholarship index book located in downtown.
After sharing the information about scholarships, financial aid, loans, and other papers needed in the process of applying to UCF, Ms. Alejandro went over the UCF Degree Programs list and asked people in the room about what degrees are they seeking to pursue. There were many answers such as Journalism, Nursing, Biology, Graphic Design, Engineering, and more. Ms. Alejandro and Mr. Quintero answered questions relating to the process we would have to take to pursue these programs and overall, it was a nice experience. They gave out their contact information and advised us to set up appointments if we specifically wanted to know how to pursue our career paths at the end of the presentation. Overall, I enjoyed the factual information that was given to us in this workshop. The Knights Connect: Express Path to UCF workshop is very informative and educates you about the process of DirectConnect, what is really is, the requirements, and how you should go about continuing your path at UCF after graduating from Valencia College.