Couponing Basics

By: Kimberly Arce

Now a days with all the economic difficulties extreme couponing has become a very popular hobby or way of life for some people. Couponing is a way to save money and help you pay less or close to nothing of the retail price. As seen in the show Extreme Couponing in reality TV it is possible to have a $700 cart full of items and walk out only paying $7. The trick is knowing how to coupon.

1. Find Your Favorite Store

Learn as much as you can about the store coupon policy. Access the store’s weekly ad circular online or in-store. While shopping it’s good to know where are the items in the store to help you save time.

2. Find the coupons

First and for most search for coupons. They’re everywhere such as in apps, newsletters, mail and online. Gather all the coupons you will most likely use. I usually find them in apps and offers sent to me through email.

3. File

Filing is not an easy task mostly when you have numerous coupons right in front of you but it is essential that you are organized when couponing. So start of by filing them by categories (like food, clothes, entertainment, baby stuff, etc.). Then file by expiration date (earliest in the front). Always be aware of expiration dates you don’t want useful coupons to go to waste.

4. Tips before heading to the store

  • Get a copy of the store’s weekly so you can match sale products with coupons. Doubling or tripling coupon value if allowed by store.
  • Don’t be brand loyal
  • Make a shopping list in order of the store’s aisles so that you can easily navigate through the store.
  • Plan to purchase only what is on your list unless you find a freebie.
  • Take baby steps and remember every coupon you use saves you money.

Need more help? Here are some websites in which show you how to buy items and what to look for. (you can also find their YouTube channel)












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