The struggle college students go through

Usually when college starts this is the time for students to start living a life. In others words finding a job and paying off bills. College students either work or do other activities like community service or internships. The three students I interviewed are first time college students  (FTIC) in Valencia Community College that either goes to work before or after classes

Francis A. is a financial Learning Ambassador at Valencia College. She started working there for two and a half month. Francis likes being a financial ambassador because it helps her to become a better public speaker. In the beginning it was rough for her because she was not used to being a college student and a part time work, but over time she learned to mange time so she can do great in both areas. The advice she will give to students that in the same situation is “To be organized, plan out your day, and always be ready for some changes that will happen”.

Jose M. is a part time worker at Journey’s since around May 2014. He is a sales associate, cashier, and one of the people that stocks shoes when needed. It is overwhelming for him to work because he hardly has time to study when test’s are around the corner. Even though it is hard to do both at the same time he learns from it. Jose learned to be more organized when it comes to managing time, so he can try to get some assignments done. An advice he wants to announce is “Try to pick classes that will give will an open gap so you will be able to do homework”.

Lucy C. is a part time worker at Panera Bread for about 3 months. She is an associate that cleans up the dining room and a cashier.  When it comes to college and working part time for her it is overwhelming because she does not have time for herself. She is either going to work or school on a everyday bases. It is a good experience because she is learning to handle college and work at the same time. The advice she has for future generation is ” Do not work over 30 hours if you are a part time worker and if you want to hang out with friends there will need to be some sacrifices to be made”.

Photos taken by :Tiana Valentin