The Maze Runner: Movie vs. Book Comparison & Contrast

On September 19, 2014, The Maze Runner movie was released based on the 2009 book, The Maze Runner by James Dashner. Overall, the movie and the book were great with a majority of similarities and very few differences. The Maze Runner is the first book in the young adult post apocalyptic series so hopefully, there will be more movies to come.
The Maze Runner is about a teenager named Thomas, who awakes in a place known as The Glade inside “The Box”. In the movie, Thomas sees creatures coming to attack him as he tries to get out of “The Box” before it reaches The Glade, but in the book, it was just a ride up. The Glade consists of other teenage boys that refer to themselves as Gladers, working in a community surrounded by a maze to survive. Alby is the leader of the Glade and the other main Gladers introduced include Newt, Chuck, Minho, and Gally. In the movie, they have a celebration for Thomas’ arrival in which he fights Gally and remembers his name because all of the boys only remember their names upon their arrival. Chuck befriends Thomas and so does Newt, who happens to be second-in-command. Thomas learns about Minho and his job as a “Runner”, which consists of running the maze and mapping it out for the past three years he has been there. Thomas becomes interested in having this job, wanting to see what is outside of the maze.

In the movie, a scene was introduced where a Runner named Ben attacks Thomas and is sentenced to banishment in the Maze. Alby decides to accompany Minho, not knowing that Alby would get stung by the maze creatures called “Grievers” and because of this incident, Alby and Minho get trapped in the maze with Thomas who runs inside as the maze walls close. Alby’s incentive in the movie to go on this trip is to retrace Ben’s footsteps inside the maze, but in the book, he goes with Minho to find a dead Griever. They encounter Grievers and the movie and the book tell of the night with them differently. The book describes the death of a Griever by Thomas and Minho tricking the creature and making it fall off a cliff. The movie depicts the death of a Griever by Thomas leading it down a closing section of the maze to get to Minho on the other side, but either way, Alby, Minho, and Thomas survive the night in the Maze.

All three boys go back to the Glade and upon their arrival, a meeting is called in regards to Thomas disobeying the rules to go into the Maze to help Minho and Alby. In the book, Newt calls the meeting together, but in the movie, Gally seems to assembled the meeting to punish Thomas. Thomas is sentenced to a day in jail or “The Pitt” and the job of a Runner, in which the movie portrays Gally being overruled by Newt vs. the book in which both duties were assigned by Newt to start with.

The Box rises again the same day with the last person to be introduced in the Glade, which happens to be a girl named Teresa. Teresa is the only girl ever to be brought into the maze and happens to have a note with her saying that she was to be the last person. Thomas runs the maze with Minho and a few others in the movie to find the dead Griever, which gives them a clue to find the Griever hole while in the book, it is just him and Minho alone.
In the movie, Alby recovers from the Griever sting, but when the Griever invasion happens, he sacrifices himself to save them, but in the book, he chokes himself. The Griever invasion causes the lose of many lives.

In the book, Gally throws himself on a Griever and ends up disappearing into the Maze while in the movie, he hides and ends up taking control of the Gladers after the invasion. He blames Thomas and Teresa for the invasion and sentences them to banishment in which the majority of the Gladers leave with them to find the exit.
There were a couple more differences in the ending, but it is up to you readers and movie-goers to decide if you are curious enough to want to know the ending of The Maze Runner. I would highly suggest to watch this movie because the creators did do the book justice as far as the whole storyline goes. It happens to be one great book to movie adaptation that I would suggest for many people, especially fans of The Hunger Games. The Maze Runner was a captivating post apocalyptic movie that was closely sequential to the book and I would definitely suggest it to movie-goers and book lovers of this genre!
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