Eats At Valencia East

There is plenty to eat at Valencia’s east campus, upon the entrance of building 5 the aroma of food, and sounds of happiness and laughter emanate from the cafeteria. You walk in to be hit by a wall of scents and sounds that draw you in, I normally walk past Bean Co. as I am not much of a coffee drinker, but many get their delicious culminations of flavor. If I were to go I would probably get a slice of fresh pizza or a Chocolaty flavored coffee from the menu. As I pass the line for Bean Co. I see the line for Twisted River, my favorite place to eat I am already deciding what I’ll get before I even enter the line, and once I get there it usually goes fast. I reach the counter and have to order my favorite meal, I call it the chicken cheese combo but everyone else would just call it a chicken tender combo with cheese fries. They ask me which sauce I want and I always answer honey mustard, but the best sauce for the chicken tenders is the cheese on the fries. I get my ticket and wait for my food to come out fresh and warm just the way I like it. I talk with friends in line bragging about my favorite meal. Once I get my order I go to my table and start the meal, knowing I could never possibly finish the gigantic stack of fries piled high with rich nacho cheese, with three large chicken tenders right next to the heap. The delicious breaded chicken is great with no topping but honey mustard or cheese top it well, I try not to scoop up all the cheese thought because it makes the fries a whole new experience. My friends knowing how good it is usually steal a few fries, but I don’t mind because there are so many. Once I’m done there are a few extra fries and a little cheese at the bottom of the container but I’m too full to finish, I sit back happy with the meal I just ate, spending time with friends waiting for my next class to start, that is where you will find me on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The best spot to eat one of my favorite meals.

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