How To Deal With A Change In Plans

By:Colby Birkett
    Saturday morning  I wake up to cracks of light slipping in through my window and wake to see my brother Andrew looking more excited than usual. I know why he looks excited today’s the day of the car show we have been waiting for. We have loved cars since we were little and I have been into photography from the moment I took my first pictures with a DSLR in my Junior year. If it weren’t for that photography class my brother Andrew and I may not have even been this excited about the car show to come. I regularly took pictures when we went to shows and even got to borrow my aunts Cannon TXI an alright camera, that was only a little outdated. This inspired my brother and he decided to buy a Cannon 70D and Saturday would be the first time we could shoot with that mass of quality. As the time of the show approached so did the storm clouds, we know the show will be cancelled and we have no intentions of being bored at home all day. After the rain passes we call our oldest brother Shane, who invites us to lunch with his friends, our brother and his friends are also car fanatics so a plan is hatched. Shane comes to take us to lunch and we walk out camera gear in hand ready to get whatever shots we can. We go to lunch and talk about our idea to shoot their cars afterwards and they are as excited as we are, who knew our plan could work out so flawlessly. We get to the cars and the first plan on the itinerary is to get some “rollers” shots of the cars moving(usually taken from another car. Andrew confident in my skills hands me the camera. We get in the cars and wait for the right moment to pull out of the crowded lot of Lechonera Latina. We pull out behind Sidd, my brothers friend and from then on the shoot begins, I start taking pictures as we pull up near him. We speed forward to get shots from the front and I  push the camera out of the window and start shooting, not sure exactly what the pictures I was getting looked like but having confidence in the shots I got.
These are the shots:
 We decided to pull into the local park, Downey and drove in to check for scenery. As we were driving my oldest brother Shane who was now driving in front of Sidd’s car suggested I stand on the seat and take pictures from the sunroof, which seemed to be an interesting vantage point. I got up on the seat on my knees and he told me to stand all the way up, unsure about standing up in a moving car; I took a chance and stood up. Despite all the strange looks I got; the shots I was getting driving around the park seemed to be coming out pretty cool. After a few moments the balance was not hard and cornering didn’t bother me I was focused on just the shots.
Those pictures looked like this:

 Next we needed to find our shooting spot, we found alright scenery but had to know the limitations of Sidd’s lowered Mazda Miata, it wouldn’t get to the spots we liked near the trees so a wet basketball court/parking lot would have to do. I told them to park near each other and I begin to shoot.  I walked around the cars looking for the most interesting parts of each and the best angles. As they played basketball and adjusted their cars as needed the photo shoot seemed to be coming together, after about an hour of shooting the cars in the same area I was done and it was time to head out. This time I left in Sidd’s car to get pictures of Shane’s car while it was moving, we drove around the block in what was basically a square, going one street at a time taking the first turn each time. I was worried about my brothers expensive camera so I kept it around my neck, making it hard to shoot all of the pictures blind but giving a little leeway to do it when I wanted.
These pictures came out like this:

After a long day of shooting we went home and looked at the pictures planning to edit the next day. Andrew who was eager to post them to his businesses Instagram page but decided we would edit them the following day. We decided to buy Adobe Lightroom to edit the pictures.
This day was so important because it reminded me the importance in having faith in what’s to come, instead of dwelling on the rain we used it to our advantage and ended up making a day out of it. My brother and I’s teamwork on that day created a partnership that can hopefully spin off into a successful start up business. Two weeks after the initial photo shoot we have already since printed T-shirts and made up business cards. A positive outlook and a little sense of adventure can get you a long way, and if your like me it can also get you some really awesome pictures.




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