The Release of Apple’s iPhone 6

On Friday September 19th, 2014 Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 plus were released in stores. The week before customers were allowed to pre-order the phones, but officially people could physically buy the phones in stores on the 19th. Apple lovers are just waiting to get their hands on the new iPhone. The 6 compared to the older models are much thinner and lighter. The iPhone 6 has a size of 4.7 inches as the 6 plus is at a much larger scale of 5.5 inches. The new iPhone is the biggest iPhone so far and the 6 plus is being compared to the Samsung Note in size as the iPhone’s have always been at such a smaller size. The new iPhone’s also come with higher gigabyte’s starting at 16 GB to 128 GB and they come in the colors gold, silver, and space grey.

New features have been added to the iPhone 6 which includes the slow-motion feature in the camera. A timer is also added to the camera allowing the owner to take a picture with 3 or 10 seconds to prepare for a selfie. Another feature is now you can record yourself talking and send it to someone in a message. You can rave to all of your friends about the new iPhone 6 you just picked up.

The iPhone 6 plus is much larger in size as it is being called a “phablet” which literally means a phone and a tablet. That is pretty much what the 6 plus is because it looks like a tablet and can do exactly what a tablet does. It is a few inches smaller than the iPad mini. If you like having a big phone then the iPhone 6 plus is the perfect phone for you, but if you are like me and prefer a phone at a smaller scale then the 6 will be much better.

I just love all of the Apple products, so I had to pick up my iPhone 6 on Friday and it is such a great phone with amazing new features. They are selling out quick so go get your iPhone 6 now before they are sold out.