Take Resposibility

How dare my mom make me late for work…talking about make my bed up in the mornings.

How dare  this traffic make me late for school?

How dare my teacher make give me all this homework now I have to be up all night. uggghhh

How dare my friends take me to a party on a school night… now I missed my exam.

How dare these  scholarship people give me community service, group projects, and mandatory meeting don’t they realize I have enough on my plate…humph… and I just switched to full-time at work? Now I might lose the scholarship ugh why didn’t they think of me?

How dare they… How dare she… How dare them?

…..hum.. how dare they, she, them …. its really how dare I … how dare me.

…We make excuses and point one finger at others for our mistakes, slip ups, poor decisions, and our lack of effort. When in actuality we are pointing three fingers right back at ourselves when we point that one.

It is my fault I am late for school.

It is my fault I am late for work…my fault I missed the exam and my fault the homework was not completed.

It was my fault that I didn’t meet expectations of my scholarship.

See wee need to stop making excuses and take responsibility for our actions knowing that every action has a reaction.

These excuses that we make are tool , tools used only by the incompetent and when we use them we speak word and show actions that others will  take as we would not be amounting to anything.

Take Responsiblity



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