Cracking Car Buying

By: Colby Birkett

As college students many of us have a car or are looking to get one when we can, but it’s not easy knowing everything about picking out the right car and getting the best deal. This is a skill that will help not only those looking for a car but those who will need to learn the skill of car buying for their next transaction. Here are some tips to put you on the right track with your car buying experience.

1. Exhaust all resources: Many times searching can save hundreds or even thousands due to differences in pricing. Looking at more than one dealership will often save you money as they all price differently. As well as looking at more than one dealership using online resources such as craigslist and ebay can find cheaper options. Doing your due diligence will often save you money and make you feel better about your purchase knowing you got the deal you chose.

2. Trends, Trends, Trends: Often times a brand will have trends as far as value and reliability are concerned, do your research, it’s easy. Checking online for value of similar makes and models will tell you how well your future car will hold it’s value, many cars lose value quickly so make sure to check how much the price will drop over time. Many new cars depreciate as soon as you pull it off the lot and exponentially higher after a few years of driving, keep that in mind. Other trends are beneficial for instance Honda’s have a reputation of being long lasting reliable cars, the longer it lasts the more value you get, know how long your car will last on average.

3. Leave It To The Professionals: If you have a mechanic or car expert whose advice you trust, take the car on a test drive and have them look at it, many skilled mechanics can see problems you wouldn’t just by their prior knowledge. When accepting advice, tell of anything you think may be unusual your expert should know what it could be. If you don’t have an expert ask me.

4. Character Analysis: It may sound funny, but know whose selling you the car, someone that is not upfront about apparent issues can be hiding more. If the seller lets you know the good features of the car such as paint but excludes telling your there is rust they might be avoiding more flaws. Those who bring more flaws to attention are more likely to be trustworthy and fair.

5. Ask Questions: If something on the car doesn’t look right ask about it, see what the owner has to say, asking questions is a great way to get the truth out and understand more about your future car. Other important questions revolve around price, negotiate often asking someone what the lowest they can do cuts through your chance of being beaten on a negotiation. If you are a strong negotiator you can ask their bottom dollar and give a value of your top dollar to start a negotiation between those values, if not you cut through the negotiation with one question.

6. Last And Most Important Of All Get A Car You Like: Make sure you feel good about your purchase and get a car you will enjoy or at least appreciate. Your car is a big part of you, get a car that expresses you.

We are all original and so are our cars, hopefully this helps those of you who need a new car get the perfect car for you, happy hunting.