The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare

When readers pick up a book to read the first thing they do is judge the book by the cover then afterwards they read the summary ,which is given either inside or outside of the book. Well here is some information about the series Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, but before we get started let me inform you there are six books  that needs to  be read in order to fall in love with this trilogy. 

The City of Bones is the first book to the series. It is about how Clary finds out a secret life her mom once lived.Now that Clary is all grown up she finds out about it in a way she did not expect. The secret everyone tries to hide from Clary is that her mom was once known to be a Shadowhunter. A shadowhunter are warriors that kills the supernatural monsters living on earth.  While Clary adjusted to this new life she falls head over heels for a boy along with figuring out her real father is alive and not dead.

The City of Ashes is the second book. This book is about how Clary is adjusting to the shadownhunting life and trying to find her mom. Her mom was kidnapped by her father as a hostage due to trying to find the mortal cup. The mortal cup is an old instrument made by an angel that can invent powerful creatures. Unfortunately, finding the cup and her mother is not her only worry during the journey .Clary unexpectly finds out she has an older brother who been living in the same roof as her.

City of Glass is the third book for the series. This book is different from the other two because it is about Clary’s older brother, Johnathan.  The brother personality and goals are different from Clary. Johnathan wants to ruin the world by summons demons from the mortal cup and building an army. This book describes how he became the way he is now and what happened in the past that led to this event and the death to his father Valentine.

In City of Fallen Angel since the father is out of the picture they have the son to worry about. Just like the father Jonathan has intentions to rule the world and be king. The way he does it is by bringing the a dangerous demon named Lilth into earth. This demon gives Jonathan immortal powers to the point nothing on earth can kill him. The result of that is death of love ones to Clary and others.

The fifth book City of Lost Souls is about how Jonathan takes away the one person that matters the most to his sister, her boyfriend Jace. He decides to be evil and take the ability to love one another by connecting their souls from the Heaven Fire, which means if you kill Jonathan than you kill Jace. The Heaven fire is inside of Jace meaning his body is filled with heat, so there is no way to kiss or show his love for her without hurting her. So now everyone goal is trying to find a way to kill Jonathan without killing Jace before millions of people die.

The last book of the series is about finally finding Jonathan and killing him once and for all. The twist to this plot is millions of shadowhunter’s relatives and familes getting killed in the battle. The ending to this will never be forgotten and make history for the shadowhunters. But the question is still in the air will everything ever be back to normal after all the deaths, betrayal, and ruined homes because there are new rules and laws being invented so this tragedy will not happen again.






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