Life As We Knew It: Book Review

In 2006, Susan Beth Pfeffer’s book, Life As We Knew It, was published. To start off with, yes, the book is about eight years old, but I do not mind reading any type of literature, whether it be from long ago or maybe last week. If a book is suggested to me, I will read it and this book happened to be of the science fiction and young adult novel genre, which I do not usually venture into for many reasons. Life As We Knew It is the first book in the Last Survivor’s Trilogy. The Last Survivor’s Trilogy goes in this order: Life As We Knew It, The Dead and the Gone, This World We Live In, and The Shade of the Moon. Life As We Knew It happens to be a really good book and even though science fiction is a genre I usually avoid, I was pushed into reading this book by a good friend of mine who doesn’t read much and I honestly do not regret that choice.
Life As We Knew It is a book that is written in the format of diary entries by a sixteen year old girl named Miranda and how her world gets ultimately turned upside down in Pennsylvania. It is set in her sophomore year of high school when a meteor crashes into the moon and makes the world take a turn for the worst in May. People start running to stores and buying out everything to survive this catastrophic disaster of the moon getting closer to the Earth, which causes worldwide tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and many deaths. Miranda goes through the struggle of living in this hard time with her brothers, Matt and Jonny, and her mom, Laura. She has to give up her luxuries of life, which include ice skating and swimming to care for the family to make it through the year. Her friends, Megan and Sammi, have some crazy adventures with her, but as time continues forward and times get tougher, Sammi leaves and Megan sacrifices herself to God. Mrs. Nesbitt was a close friend to the family, but after living through the hard times and old age, she sacrificed herself to give her supplies to the family and Peter who was Laura’s boyfriend, ultimately died of the flu after working in the hospital for so long and trying to help everyone’s family. Miranda and her family make use of what they have, having long journeys for supplies and becoming appreciative of all the things they have and how they were surviving. They went through ups and downs of living, including gathering supplies, trying to keep warm for the winter, trying to stay healthy, and making sure their loved ones were alive such as Hal, who happens to be Miranda, Jonny, and Matt’s father and his new expecting wife, Lisa. As a family, they all learned to grow up and stay strong through such hard times, whether they die or manage to stay alive.
The theme of the book is to ultimately have hope, no matter what situation you get thrown into. Life As We Knew It gives readers a true glimpse of life in trying times to make us appreciate what we have by showing how Miranda and her family ultimately go through the year to try to make it alive. I would suggest this book for anyone to read because it makes you value what you have and think about what would you do if you had to go through a hard time like that with your family.
Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer