How to celebrate holidays on September 22.

According to, these are the national holidays on September 22:

Business Women’s Day:

Go hug a business woman.

Appreciate a businesswoman or being one.

Go into an office and give flowers to all the women in there.

Watch The Office series and laugh lots.

Car Free Day:

Dream about getting a free car.

Enter a raffle ticket in a nearby contest, in hopes that you will actually win one.

Realize that MOST LIKELY nobody in America received a free car.

Dear Diary Day:

Pull up the diary in which you wrote ten, maybe twenty years ago.

Laugh at the way you wrote and at the misconception of “you’re” and “your.”

Wonder why you never had a diary or journal as a child.

Read a Junie B. Jones book.

Buy yourself a diary just to have something written on September 22, 2014.

Elephant Appreciation Day:

Draw elephants.

Obsess over elephants.

Go to the nearest zoo.

Search up pictures of elephants on Google and make one of them your wallpaper.

Watch Youtube videos of elephants taking showers.

National Ice Cream Cone Day:

Buy some ice cream.

Eat some ice cream.

Crave more ice cream.

National White Chocolate Day:

Either love white chocolate or hate white chocolate.

Look up how white chocolate is even made.

Watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

And those are some ways to celebrate the September 22nd holidays. 🙂