Flashback Thursday by Carolyne Perez

On September 4th, 2014 new coming students traveled around in sections with different clubs and organizations to make their college experience a “trip to remember.” Students gathered passports which were stamped according to the varying stations they attended. Upon the spending of stickers, students received a sandwich or T-shirt. Not only food and souvenirs were given, but also singing, dancing or rapping by brave performers including When Eyes Can’t See. Club Day is an event specified to introduce groups in which Valencia students could associate with. Some clubs and organizations included Valencia Dance, Student Government Association, Fearless Leaders Stand Out, Pop Culture and UFit.

We have basketball in both East Campus and Osceola Campus. This fall semester we have a new league. We are also going to have a six team suite. You can create your own team, or you can join any team as a free agent, you just have to go to the Iron Leagues webpage create your account as a Valencia student and you’re good to go. said Joao Avila (UFit Organizer).

Another club that was represented on this day was Valencia Earth Science Association (VESA).

On Tuesdays we meet from 1-2pm. We are basically the environmental group in campus in which we promote sustainability and raise awareness about the Earth and issues that are affecting it. Delaney Richter (VESA Leader).

Other clubs previously mentioned brought out members to give a brief account of what they do for fun or awareness. There are a variety of clubs students can join. Refer to valenciacollege.edu/studentdev/clubs/ to look more into more clubs.