Welcome Back Week: Resource Fair by Mai Son and Tiana Valentin


The second week of Valencia held a resource fair on Tuesday at 11am-2pm. This is just one of the many events East campus host for their students,  which included food, music, and lots of information for everyone. They had several booths that showcased different resources that  consisted of student government association, study of abroad,  and service learning.


View IMG_2631.jpg in slide show
Study Aboard in Rio de Janiero to Brazil: Travel date May 14-21st, 2015 DEADLINE APPLICATION DATE: DEC. 12, 2014
7 ways to be healthy in college
Direct connect to Ucf: 2 years at Valencia can automatically guarantee you a seat at University Central Florida
Student Government Association A way for you to be involved with Valencia and the events along with the benefits of leadership experience, scholarships, and networking opportunities, etc.
Anyone like to dance? Join the dance team program filled with many supporters and energetic people



Photos edited by : Tiana Valentin


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