Prospective: Danielle Sweeting

New defined coming into my own.
It is like a rebirth a transition to a new state of mind.

I have shed this skin that was abused
and tortured. A skin that has been through so many
battles in life I struggle to think how is survived.

My heart beats stronger and my lungs no longer
feel broken and collapsed. Because one time ago
I was a shattered soul in search of who I am.

Look at me now OOH dear God look at my new structure
that I thank you for giving me.

I refused to destroy my body. I refused to let
others attack and disrespect my sanctity. My serenity will no longer be disturbed.
No longer will man be able to tear away at me an abuse my body.

This is my prospective and it has changed and I love the new me and every
time I look at my self I will have no regrets.

My perspective on life has changed but for the better
because I can be now just be me.


About dsweeting bridges1

Hello, My name is Danielle Sweeting and I am a Bridges to Success student at Valencia College and follow my blog and see exclusive interviews, pictures on various events, and stay informed.

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