Late night thoughts: Peace By Danielle Sweeting

Our heat beats the same rhythm
we bleed the same
yet our DNA makes the difference.

Being the human population created
by God. He has given us a divine right
to act, feel, and believe…
differently from each other.

We are different from one another yet
as humans our flesh is bound to this earth.

Driving use to make hard decisions and second guess
our choices.

We sit and judge each other mocking one another.
we put each other down and abuse each other.

When we should join hands and up lift each other
speak blessings on our lives, and pray for one another.

And while we are joined in harmony and peace
we shall remember we are individuals on earth and
equals in heaven.

God is our only judge it is He who destroys
both body and soul.


About dsweeting bridges1

Hello, My name is Danielle Sweeting and I am a Bridges to Success student at Valencia College and follow my blog and see exclusive interviews, pictures on various events, and stay informed.

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