A Declaration By Danielle Sweeting

To grow… to develop… to mature.
Our whole lives are centered around a process.
A process of becoming better than the last.
Greater than the first … a champion.

We as people we are about growth and
adaption. Making our abilities greater beyond belief.

To day there should be a declaration,
that we the people shall do better will do better
in all aspects I life. We the people shall educate ourselves and promote prosperity to our future generation.
To live up to our inalienable rights to demand respect, walk with
confidence and to spread peace and humility.
to enjoy life in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

We are the beginning of a new change.


About dsweeting bridges1

Hello, My name is Danielle Sweeting and I am a Bridges to Success student at Valencia College and follow my blog and see exclusive interviews, pictures on various events, and stay informed.

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