Protection (Poetry) By Danielle Sweeting

My heart beats uncontrollably
The thumps…thump…THUMP…
It is so loud it almost scares me, and to hear
yours beat the same as mine…

I feel the heat of our body colliding in such a powerful
way. The temperature rising rapidly reaching its peak of 150 degrees
As we lay holding each other, I in your arms and you in mine.
The passion, intensity, the love, and the energy
flowing between our two bodies like a raging water fall a feeling
I will never forget.

As chills run up my spin…as your soft lips kiss mine
I can feel the sweat rolling down our bodies like morning dew
Our human bodies locked together intertwined; our souls set forth on a journey
into another world yet undiscovered.

WAIT…PAUSE… STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My mind shouts NO FURTHER… Protection is a MUST.

Today 1 million are living with HIV in
the U.S alone.
1 in 5 living with HIV is unaware.
This is an epidemic; protection is a must.


About dsweeting bridges1

Hello, My name is Danielle Sweeting and I am a Bridges to Success student at Valencia College and follow my blog and see exclusive interviews, pictures on various events, and stay informed.

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