R.E.G.A.L (Remarkably. Elegant. Gifted. Ambitious. Ladies)

Original story by Andrea Bealler

R.E.G.A.L had the pleasure of attending a workshop hosted by Andrea Bealler, who focused on “Professional Etiquette and Resumes Tips.” With the use many of activities, Bealler explained that professional settings often have different cultures, making it imperative that you do research before accepting a job offer. For example some companies are interested with their employee’s personal lives, while others are not. It is important to understand your values, wants, and needs before you choose to work for a company. Bealler continued to explain that during the interview process it is vital to pay attention to the questions that you are asked, as well as how the interviewer communicates with you. Overall, Bealler instructs that it is important to grasp the culture of any company before making any life changing decisions. As the workshop continued the ladies were taught step by step how to correctly create a resume and a cover letter for potential jobs and careers. The ladies were taught how to properly construct and organize a resume making it appealing to a potential employer’s eye. “I found the workshop to be very informative and helpful, I learned a great deal about resume building that I did not know before” says 2nd year R.E.G.A.L member Jenifer Hamilton. Essentially, R.E.G.A.L thanks Andrea Bealler for her time and wonderful expertise. If you have any questions regarding career choices or need any help with writing a resume or cover letter, feel free to stop by Career Center, they have plenty of knowledgeable information that maybe beneficial to your career.
Andrea Beallerphoto(1)photo


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