Latina and Mosaic Mentoring Program

LATINA and MOSAIC mentoring programs have been quite busy this semester participating in events, and programs that serve the Valencia campus, and the community at large. They have worked very hard to ensure that the mission of the mentoring program is on display each day. We salute these students, as they have found a way to make a difference will balancing their academics, social, and work schedules. Keep up the good work!
Bake sale for Make A Wish (800x600)EC Bake Sale (800x600)Candy Gram recipient (800x600)Candy Gram (Arlette & Cassandrea) EC (800x600)EC Fundrasier (800x600)EC Sales 2013 (800x600)Candy Gram 2-2013 (800x600)EC Fundraiser 2 2013 (800x600)Candy Gram Career Center EC (800x600)MOSAIC 2 (800x600)Candy Gram Recipient 2 (800x600)Lacey & Daniel (600x800)LATINA & MOSAIC 2 (800x600)EC Candy Gram -Jose, Megahn & Laceyu (800x600)EC MOSAIC (800x600)LATINA & MOSAIC (800x600)Lacey & Adalgisa (800x600)EC LATINA Mentees (800x600)Candy Gram - Danielle, Lacey, Daniel & Megahn (800x600)DSCF1178 (800x600)Candy Gram EC (800x600)DSCF1179 (800x600)MOSAIC busy selling (800x600)


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