New Year, New Semester ! By Danielle Sweeting

Its a new semester and Bridges started of the year strong with an inspirational Symposium. Meaning its time to get back to hard work and dedication and its time to make some changes. So lets stay away from the excusal forms,  and appeals and take thing seriously;  it our future after all. When it comes to this semester let make it a part of our resolution to  turn in all volunteer hours, all  our skill workshops , and study hard. I know there can be a great deal of stress when it come to balancing  school, work, family , and social lives. There are also aspects that are out of your control like a flat tire, job loss , and even a sick family member.  So whenever you get discouraged remember these word from Mr. Calvin Hayes our guest speaker from the Symposium:

–  “If your dreams do not scare you then your just not dreaming big enough.” – Calvin

-” If you don’t show up there is always someone on standby ready to take your spot.”- Calvin

-“Not everyone deserves to be on your plane.” – Calvin

The most important statement that I took away from Mr. Hayes Calvin. that I I feel everyone should keep in their minds and hearts is; “Aiming high may feel uncomfortable but you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable….. so When you fly high you may realize  its lonely but you never see and eagle fly in a pack.”

So in the word of Calvin “How high will you fly”?



About dsweeting bridges1

Hello, My name is Danielle Sweeting and I am a Bridges to Success student at Valencia College and follow my blog and see exclusive interviews, pictures on various events, and stay informed.

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