Halo 4 Video Game Review

One of the best multiplayer games to come out this year without a doubt has to be Halo 4.  343 Industries takes over the Halo series from Bungie, and is working now to create a new trilogy in which to further the story with our lucky hero, Master Chief. As it’s not something I prefer to talk about, the Campaign itself is just as it should be, a shotgun barrel to the face in one hand, and a good drink in the other. By that, I mean it’s both fun and new to play, while at the same time, can be very difficult.  I myself have this problem where I go headfirst into a video game’s campaign, and play it by myself on the hardest difficulty. (Never is this a fun. NEVER.)  The story takes place basically a few years after the events of Halo 3, in which you are now floating around in deep space, as Master Chief, until the decimated space station you were in is being salvaged by a Covenent fleet. At first, this is no problem for our badass Spartan, but soon this becomes a problem, as Master Chief and Cortana are found Orbiting a Forerunner planet, a race that was to their knowledge, gone. While being on the planet, Master Chief has to deal with the Forerunner and their devastating technology, to find a way to get back to Earth.  The part about the Forerunner that makes this game so much fun, is the new arsenal of weapons in this game. From super powerful rifles that can kill people from across the map, to rocket launchers that can bounce off of the surfaces and explode into multiple shots, these new weapon pack quite a punch. A fun thing that happens, if it’s a one hit kill, the new weapons will disintegrate your fallen enemies. While adding elements from Halo:Reach with their armor abilities, this game takes those, and makes them a bit more interesting, with the concept of creating your own classes for multiplayer, along with weapon loadouts, perks, and what kind of abilities your Spartan will use in combat, similar to how the Call of Duty games function. This allows you to make sure you spawn however you want, all the time. They’ve also taken out weapon spawning on maps. Rather than that, there are random points in the game where “Ordinances” will drop into the map, supplying weapons. Along with that, you can gain points towards an “Ordinance Drop” of your own, where you can call it in from anywhere, with a random choice of 3 items. The points are gained from objectives, kills, and assist, so you don’t have to be a pro to get them. Minor changes to how the gameplay is would include the fact that sprinting is now something that everyone can do, and surprising, this is the first game for Halo to have sprinting as a real thing, as in Halo: Reach, it was an armor ability. Also, during matches, you have the option to instant respawn, so you can get right back into the action, rather than waiting to respawn. This, although doesn’t make the matches itself faster, but makes the gameplay itself more fast-pace, as you would be playing more and more times, within said match, rather than having that down time in between deaths. (Unless you commit suicide. That is never a good thing.) With these new game mechanics with new and old weapons to fight with, this makes Halo 4, and 343 Industries promising for the future of Halo. I definitely would recommend this for anyone who enjoys playing first-person shooters, or generally anyone who has an affinity with sci-fi games in general.  I would give Halo 4 a whopping 4 Battle Rifles out of 5, for their good use in game mechanics, hooking storyline, and efforts put forth to bring back a close to dying series.Image


About Abdoallah Ashour

I love to read short stories and mangas, while also enjoy drawing and writing stories and other things. I definitely love video games, and love talking about them. One of my favorite things to do is to share ideas with others, about either certain hobbies or future events with video games or other things of my many interests. :)

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