Spirit Day 2012

Everyone loves a good time every once in awhile, and here at Valencia College, they know that! Thursday, Oct. 18, was Spirit Day, held in front of the SSB Building on West Campus. It was “organized by Valencia Volunteers and SGA, for students to come out and enjoy themselves,” says Samantha Lundy, a volunteer who informed me. This event had a lot of booths, in which a large amount were similar to carnival games, like tossing bags to hit objects, throwing balls into holes, and even a petting zoo! Of course there was also free food, tattoo paintings, and balloon animals! When asked about what their favorite booth was, students replied with much enthusiasm, the petting zoo. “My favorite booth has to be the petting zoo. It was really nice to see something different on campus!” said Student Bethzaida Oyola. “I really enjoy any event that would let me pet a goat!” said Timothy, another student. A large amount of students showed up, and it seems like another successful day. When asking another student about how she felt about going to another event, Peyton Davis says, “Of course I’d like to see another event, it’s free!” Keep a fresh look out for future events, and opportunities to kick back and relax during campus hours.


About Abdoallah Ashour

I love to read short stories and mangas, while also enjoy drawing and writing stories and other things. I definitely love video games, and love talking about them. One of my favorite things to do is to share ideas with others, about either certain hobbies or future events with video games or other things of my many interests. :)

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