Resident Evil 6 Video Game Review

Resident Evil 6 is the newest installment of the Resident Evil franchise, one of Capcom’s popular titles. Whether you’re a fan of the old school games, or even just a brand new fan, it’s always welcoming to start somewhere.   Resident Evil 6 starts off playing as one of the main protagonists of the game, Leon S. Kennedy. Once done with the prelude, you have the option of starting one of the three protagonists of the game, Leon, Chris Redfield, and Jake Muller,  each with their own partner, Helena Harper for Leon, Piers Nivans for Chris, and Sherry Birkin for Jake.  The game has roughly 3 stories, where they eventually come together with each other’s story. There is a main Campaign mode, a Mercenaries mode, and a mode called Agent Hunt.  Let’s go over the game itself.  The campaign mode for the most part is co-op, where you can either play it with split-screen with a friend, or co-op online with a random person, over a matchmaking process, or a friend. There is a somewhat small change between gameplay from Resident Evil 4 and 5, to 6, in which it really changes the game completely.  For starters, in RE 4 and 5, there were quick time events (moments where you needed to press a button on-screen) to do melee attacks at stunned or injured enemies. Although it still exists during some situations for RE 6, there is actually a button for melee this time. As a gamer, I found this to be a good thing, and a bad thing.  When you’re low on ammo for your gun, or in a tight situation, you can just melee an enemy. This is bad because for the most part, you can go through the entire game just meleeing, regardless how impractical that sounds. Now, there is a catch, with continuous melee attacks, your character loses stamina, and when exhausted, melee attacks are useless and you are unable to sprint.  Leading to another point, there is an elaborate sprinting system in RE 6. Along with being able to sprint, the developers gave characters a handful of ways to maneuver out of danger, like barrel rolls, sliding into enemies, diving backwards, and rolling/crawling around on each characters back. Another change to the game, is the healing system.  By using combinations of Health Sprays (First Aid Sprays)  or Herbs, (green and red, combined respectively), but with the herbs, you combined them, to makes multiple doses, in which you make tablets, so you use a single dose to heal a block of health when used. While at first a bit confusing, this definitely became helpful when needing to ration heal, rather than just using an entire healing item.  My favorite aspect of the game is the variety of each campaign. For example, Leon’s campaign has a good amount of keeping to the generic zombies. Chris’s story has a large amount of insane zombie mutations, called B.O.W.s, (Bio Organic Weapons) which take multiple forms. Jake’s Story takes similar B.O.W.s, and makes it a bit more dramatic, taking the scenery to more detailed areas.  All in all, the stories do a good job connecting together, where the characters are seen in each other’s story. When you finish each character’s story, you unlock another character’s story mode, who I won’t discuss about, Smiley face. 😉   For the most part, the gameplay has taken small changes everywhere, that makes a large difference for the game. The game becomes more fast pace, while keeping it still time consuming, as each level can take around 30 minutes to an hour, and still keep you wanting more. Logging hours upon hours on previous Resident Evil games, I only expect to play more hours on Resident Evil 6. I give this game 4 red herbs out of 5, definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys a bit of horror in their games.


About Abdoallah Ashour

I love to read short stories and mangas, while also enjoy drawing and writing stories and other things. I definitely love video games, and love talking about them. One of my favorite things to do is to share ideas with others, about either certain hobbies or future events with video games or other things of my many interests. :)

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