Welcome Back to Campus By Abdoallah Ashour

Or rather, to new students, welcome! It’s always nice to kick back and relax from studies with some fun on campus!

To start up a new term, the various clubs of Valencia, including Valencia Volunteers, SGA, and Heroes, held a “Welcome back” event on Sept. 6, in the West Campus courtyard in front of the SSB building. It was a nice day to go with friends, learn about the different clubs on campus, and while you’re at it, get some free food!  There was a barbecue and snow cones that were free to students who signed in at the check in tent. There were also machines that students were able to get into, one that was a Gyrosphere, which spun you around and around, in a circular motion, and the other was similar to that of a miniature Slingshot ride. I myself didn’t get to go on them, but from fellow students, I heard it was a blast! They even had a small Limbo contest, in which the winners got free hot sauce, SGA branded! This is always just one of multiple times that Valencia holds small events for it’s students that we can all partake in, so pay attention to announcements about what happens on campus, because you never know what the next day can have in store for us students!


About Abdoallah Ashour

I love to read short stories and mangas, while also enjoy drawing and writing stories and other things. I definitely love video games, and love talking about them. One of my favorite things to do is to share ideas with others, about either certain hobbies or future events with video games or other things of my many interests. :)

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