Sometimes you have to step up! By: Kiara Collazo

I understand that sometimes you are shy when it comes to guys but if you want to find that special someone, sometimes you have to step up! Sit next to that guy you think is cute or say hi to people in your class to make new friends, meet new people. You expect to sit out and then you pout about not finding that person to make you happy or you start feeling like you’re not good enough because that ‘guy’ that you find interesting doesn’t talk to you. Let them know you are there! Make them remember your name, your face, your interests. Be unforgettable but dont be too pushy either because we don’t want them to think you’re desperate! Find the balance between pushy and unforgettable so that the next time he sees you, he’ll remember you!


About Kiki

I am a kind and friendly person who enjoys having fun. I was in the yearbook committee for two years in high school and I am familiar with blogging. I am interested in writing my own books and possibly become a journalist after college.

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