Remastered Video Games By: Roberto Gonzalez

Many classic and current characters (or items) in gaming. Can you guess everything in the photo?

Nostalgia.  The closest definition would be ‘the sentimental longing for the past.’  Many people go through this and try to go back to their happier moments.  Some might lay out a deck of cards to remember a loved one before they left for a war.  Others might spend a day in the kitchen, trying to get the recipe just right for a treat they made with a loved one.  Although this is not as heartfelt as the others, it does not change the fact that people feel nostalgic about this topic: video games.

Video games have not been around very long.  In all honesty, they have only been around since the late 40’s.  However, in less than a century, they have become one of the world’s leading profit-makers.  Not only that, but in such short amounts of time, new generations of games and systems are being made just a few years apart.  A perfect example would be the Nintendo DS and its multiple successors.  To make it worse, as each new generation comes into the picture, more iconic game characters are disappearing with them.  However, they are reemerging.

Something was finally realized by the big guys (and girls) in charge:  They didn’t have to make more characters; they had to revive the old characters.  People remember pulling the Master Sword as Link in the Legend of Zelda.  Or they remember trying to beat up evil doctors as Crash Bandicoot.  With all the old systems vanishing, how can people play the games they grew up playing?  Simple: re-master them.

Games that almost vanished entirely are leaping from the past into the future.  Companies are bringing classics into the modern gaming world by remaking the games entirely so that they look brand new.  Other games, such as the greatly famed ‘Devil May Cry’ and ‘God of War’ series, have only been slightly changed from the original quality so that they look less clunky that the originals did.  However, that’s not going to stop anyone from purchasing the games they loved.

As mentioned, there are some problems with bringing the past to the future.  More often than not, gamers complain about the re-mastered versions.  Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was originally a Nintendo 64 game and it was remodeled as a Nintendo 3DS game.  Although it sold millions, many of the gamers have admitted that they would rather go back to the 64 version.  Why?

The original game had sharp edges to the characters, making it seem like you could get a paper-cut just by staring at them.  The new version has made the characters more correctly proportioned, plus it has new features.  So why do gamers prefer the past?  It turns out, originals beat sequels.  They are the same game, but people just couldn’t overlook the new changes made to alter the game that truly became a legend (it was so popular that it became the first game series to be put into the Video Game Hall of Fame).

Luckily, Legend of Zelda was one of the few to be changed.  Others just received a few tweaks without altering anything important, which became a huge plus.  While it is true that originals are better, it never hurts to try it again remodeled.  They are still the games we loved when we were kids, and we don’t know for sure when they will be put away permanently.  So my suggestion is simple: pick up the controller, and enjoy the past.


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