Borderlands 2 Video Game Review By Abdoallah Ashour

Borderlands 2, developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games, is the sequel to the 2009 hit, Borderlands.  It is a First-Person Shooter game, with Role-Playing qualities, which the developers are calling, “Role-Playing-Shooter.”  The game takes place on a planet known as Pandora, a baron wasteland, filled with tundras, grassy plains, rocky caverns, vast deserts, the whole shebang. Within all these different environment, there are tons of different kinds of creatures. So much variety, including all different sizes of bandits and crazed psycho maniacs, midgets with shotguns, large flying bat-like creatures, small mutated dogs, and even crazy acid flinging worms, the size of sewer tunnels! The game is very futuristic, as it takes place on a distant planet, where when you die, you respawn as a clone of your former self, maintaining your items, and losing money in the aftermath. As for how futuristic, there are so many different guns.  The amount of guns in this game comes at all the basic levels, like pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers and grenades, (and a few more) but with every gun, there is a specific company that makes each one, each with their unique abilities. For exactly, a Teodoire gun can be reloaded, and when you do so, you throw said gun in the target location, and it explodes, (damage deal depends on how much remaining ammo was in the clip) and then materializes right in front of you. Pretty neat huh? That’s just the start of things. Every gun, for the most part, has it’s own unique stats, minus special unique guns only accessible through events or quests, including various elemental damage, like shock, fire, explosive, and corrosive.  This being said, this game generates guns throughout it’s entire playthrough. You will never run out of guns to find. With each unique stats, with different companies that published such a variety of guns. Guns are usually found from loots from other monsters, enemies, quests, side events, or just from random loot chests. You never know what you’re gonna find next! The story is something I find interesting. Taking place a few years after the events of the first game, this game starts out with you, choosing one of the four characters (called Vault Hunters), and being left to die in the frozen tundra. It’s up to you to stop this mad man, who goes by the name of Handsome Jack, who controls Hyperion, a gun company, and is slowly trying to destroy the planet. Each of the Vault Hunters has a special ability unique to each one. The characters are Salvador, the Gunzerker; Maya, the Siren; Axton, the Commando; and Zero, the Assassin. The Gunzerker is a short, stubby man with a mohawk-esce hairstyle and thick beard, who is able to dual-wield guns, regenerate ammo and replenish health, perfect for the tank of a group. The Siren, a beautiful young woman, can Phaselock, which sends an enemy unit flying into the air, hovering in a bubble for a short period of time, unable for them to move or attack while in duration. Very fast and helpful character for a team, almost essential. There is also the Commando, a mid 30s looking man, who carries around a turret as his special ability. With a certain way of building his character, his turret can easily become the only method of killing you need.  Lastly, we have the Assassin. Being able to turn invisible and create a clone of himself, he can deal up to large amount of extra damage to his foes. As you defeat enemies, complete quests, and go through the story, (or even just do mostly side quests) you gain experience points, and level up. As you progress and level up, you gain points to use in skill trees for each class, that enhance each character’s special ability, like the Commando’s turret being able to shoot rockets, or the Siren’s guns being able to deal elemental damage, just like that!  One of the most amazing things about this game, is the playability. whether you want to play this game by yourself, or with friends, it’s always just a blast. Above else, I recommend playing this game with friends, as the most players, the harder the monsters. The harder the monsters, the better the loot. Having a good teammate, working together with the diversity of the different characters and their own unique builds, can really make the game fun! All in all, this game is easily one of my favorite games to come out this year. The story is good, great gameplay, very fast-paced, and colorful landscape and characters, not to mention, amazing humor! I would rate this game 4 out of 5 claptraps, If you’re a fan of the first game, first-person shooters, or just a good time, I would recommend trying out this game!


About Abdoallah Ashour

I love to read short stories and mangas, while also enjoy drawing and writing stories and other things. I definitely love video games, and love talking about them. One of my favorite things to do is to share ideas with others, about either certain hobbies or future events with video games or other things of my many interests. :)

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